Centre Coast Cabinets - Sunshine Coast
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Warranties & Guarantees

All cabinetry is covered for a period of 6 months for maintenance (Commercial work is covered for a defects liability of 12 months only.

All cabinetry is guaranteed for a period of 6 and a half years from date of manufacture against faulty workmanship.

All materials including board, laminates, handles, drawer runners and hinges, etc, are covered by their own manufacturers guarantee.

All cabinetry built square and plumb according to plan.

All cabinetry will have no sharp corners or arrises such as could cause injury.

Benchtops where applicable will be accurately scribed.

Gaps larger than 3mm will have recessed scribing fillet infill.

Smaller gaps with have sealant – sanitary grade silicone to wet areas –  paintable acrylic sealant to others – all gaps vermin proofe.


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